Verizon Wireless

Company Overview

 We are a customer focused Verizon Wireless Premium Retailer. Instead of pressuring customers into sales, we seek to educate them on the products and services that fit them best.  With home offices based in Athens, GA every store is fully operated by individuals from its own community.  Customers are our friends and neighbors.  We love our jobs and genuinely care about their experience in our stores.  Our trained staff is able to provide insight into all of Verizon Wireless's Plans and Products.  We strive to educate our customers about the products that we offer, while at the same time offering the Total Wireless Solution by understanding their needs and demands.

  • Customer Service – For us, our customers are more than a number or sale. They represent our friends, families, and neighbors. Therefore, we seek to provide them with the best service and attention possible.
  • Detailed Account Analysis – Since we do not make money on our customers’ monthly bills, we analyze them to ensure that each one corresponds to the most economical plan for their usage.
  • Value – Not only does TCC provide great service, but we also offer great prices on phones and accessories.
  • Businesses Save Time and Money – Through our Account Analysis, several of our business customers have saved hundreds and even thousands of dollars per month on their bill. Plus, they enjoy less employee downtime with our own site delivery program.
  • Give back to the Community – TCC regularly sponsors community activities and offers a no-risk fundraising opportunity for non-profit organizations.